Russia will barge in Ukraine anytime now: White House

Kamala Harris and Anthony Blinken to fly down to Germany for the Munich Security Conference starting February 18th to 20th.


At any minute any time now Ukraine will face Russia’s offensive stand, the White House declared on Wednesday.

To unite world leaders against Moscow, Joe Biden directed Kamala Harris and Anthony Blinken to attend the Munich Security Conference being held in Germany from February 18th to 20th.

Jen Psaki, Press Secretary for White House, revealed at her daily news conference,” We are in the window where we believe an attack could come at any time, and that would be preceded by a fabricated pretext that the Russians use as an excuse to launch an invasion. We have talked about this a bit here, we’ve seen these tactics used in the past.”

“Those could include claims of provocation in Donbas, fake media reports, which I think you should all, everybody should keep their eyes open and be aware of potentially fake videos and accusations about chemical weapons or accounts of attacks on Russian soldiers that have not actually occurred,” she clarified.

Jen Psaki said she completely trusts Kamala Harris’ diplomacy that she will ensure President Biden’s need of the hour is met with and the Anthony Blinkens team is in a thorough engagement with European allies and that Kamala Harris will reinstate their commitment to NATO allies and commitment to Ukraine’s dominion and territorial supremacy. She will reaffirm and reassure the principles that have upheld European peace and security.

Vladimir Putin has outrightly denied any such offensive on Ukraine, however, his demands of not entertaining Ukraine’s and several other ex-soviets NATO membership or military alliance still hold in his statements. He has demanded to retrieve troops from all the other ex-soviet regions as well.