Russia gives ultimatum to Ukrainian forces to back off from ‘Battle of Donbas’

Russian Federation warns that today from 14:00 hrs Moscow time on April 20th no further attacks will follow if Ukraine lays down their weapons.


Russia enters the 56th day of its offensive against Ukraine and now it has given an ultimatum to Ukrainians that if they don’t lay down their guns hell will unleash on them. Battle of Donbas is on as titled by Ukrainians; Russia has ceased port city of Mariupol. The West and its allies pledged to support Ukraine with more ammunition and military aid and levy severe sanctions on Russian Federation.

Scores of the Russian military booted on with rocket barrages and heavily loaded weapons into the east zone of Ukraine. As the Russian military fails to capture major cities of Ukraine, it strategically encroaches via separatist regions of Ukraine.

Since 1945 this is the biggest attack on any European state where more than 4.5 million civilians have fled their nation and the with no guarantee of safety or safe immigration to other countries until they reach an undisputed area from where they could be evacuated from.

Russia brought down the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol with bombs that can penetrate and bust even bunkers. As per adviser Mykhailo Podolyak’s distressed tweet, “Russia is hitting Ukraine’s Azovstal steel plant with bunker blasting offensives and the world is watching us suffer silently.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an ultimatum yesterday to Zelenskyy’s Ukraine; to lay down weapons or face hell. Russian Defence Ministry revealed Ukrainians didn’t budge from their stance at the Azovstal plant and no sign of a truce was projected.

The Russian Defence Ministry further added, “We gave an ultimatum to lay down their weapons, none of the nationalist battalions and foreign troops moved an inch to show they have accepted our ultimatum. We warn that today from 14:00 hrs Moscow time on April 20th no further attacks will follow if they lay down their weapons. Russian Federation follows humanitarian principles at war as well.”

The West and its allies (France, Canada, Britain, and Germany) pledged to relentlessly support Ukraine with more ammunition and combat-ready suits, and military aid.

President Zelenskyy confirmed that this latest assault has cost them Kreminna, in Luhansk, which is an administrative building of 18000 people in one of the 2 Donbas separatist regions.

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