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Myanmar: 29 people killed by the Military Junta in monastery

The victims’ bodies were discovered Saturday, dispersed throughout a local monastery in Pinlaung Township.


A monastery in a community in southern Shan State’s Pinlaung Township is where the alleged mass murder of civilians by the Myanmar military took place this time.

The most recent incident happened on Saturday in the village of Nanneint, according to resistance sources there. It happened only a few weeks after junta troops are accused of murdering 17 villagers in Myinmu Township in the Sagaing Region earlier this month.

Images shared online on Sunday revealed a number of bloody bodies next to the local monastery’s entrance, three of which belonged to Buddhist monks. There were several bullet holes all over the monastery’s facade.


The anti-regime Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) released the images, which Myanmar Now independently verified. The images clearly depict gunshot wounds to the victims’ heads and other body parts.

A KNDF official reported that seven more bodies are reportedly remain at the scene, bringing the total number of bodies discovered to 22.

The representative, who spoke under the condition of anonymity for security reasons, claimed, “There are seven more bodies behind the monastery that we haven’t been able to collect yet.”


The fatalities included two young boys in their early teens in addition to the three monks, all of whom were claimed to be male village inhabitants.

From the middle of last year, the Karenni (Kayah) State and ethnic Karenni territories of southern Shan State have come under the control of the KNDF and affiliated People’s Defence Force personnel acting under the direction of the publically mandated National Unity Government.

Since the beginning of this year, these efforts, which have substantial local backing, have been stepped up, leading to a number of successful operations against junta soldiers in the region.