Most of England’s COVID rules to get scrapped by Boris Johnson from 19th July

Despite mentioning that new coronavirus cases could soar to around 50,000 a day before masks and social distancing are ditched, making England the most unrestricted society in Europe, Boris Johnson shall revoke hundreds of COVID-19 regulations from 19th July, as per a report released to buy The Guardian.

Although the Prime Minister has announced to revoke the regulations, he has warned the public against going de-mob happy by giving a sign that the government might reimpose restrictions by this autumn.


During a Downing Street press conference, Boris Johnson mentioned that they should be honest with themselves and when shall they be able to return to normal if they cannot reopen the society in the upcoming few weeks.

In much of the rest of the world where restrictions are remained intact to combat infections, the planned changes, which were announced on Monday by Boris, are set to make England an outlier. Prompting a backlash from bereaved families along with the regional mayors on the dropping of the legal requirement for masks, The so-called big Bang reopening was termed as reckless by Labour.

According to Downing Street, under the Equality Act, legal advice on the responsibilities would be required by the businesses that chose to enforce mask-wearing. Along with maintaining restrictions on International travel and mandatory social distancing at airports and other ports, the only remaining regulation with regards to COVID-19 shall be a requirement to isolate after testing positive for the disease.