Fierce fighting in Panjshir; the final holdout against Taliban control – hangs in the balance

The fate of Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley -the final holdout from Taliban control- persists the balance as serious fighting continues from each side. Even once the Taliban claimed that it’s taken “full control” of Afghanistan by capturing Panjshir, the Resistance fighters aforesaid they’re battling and have denied the capture.

The Resistance includes former Vice-President Amrullah Saleh, former Afghan force members, and native militias. each side is claiming to own gained the higher hand. Saleh has additionally laid-off claims that he had fled, however has said that this scenario was “difficult”, the BBC reported.


The Resistance – which has former Afghan force members and native militias – is LED by local social group leader Ahmad Massoud. His father with success fought the Soviets who invaded within the 1980s, and also the Taliban in the 1990s. In a very video message sent to the BBC, Saleh, a former vice-president of Afghanistan, aforesaid there had been casualties on each side. He said, “There is not any doubt we tend to are in a troublesome situation. We tend to are below invasion by the Taliban”.

Further, he added- “We won’t surrender, we are standing for Afghanistan.” He said he was sharing the video to assure those reports suggesting that he had left the country were false. The fighting in Panjshir is rumoured to own left a whole bunch dead. The valley, north of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan’s smallest province and also the just one to not have fallen to the Taliban.

The normal anti-Taliban defence is home to somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 folks and is hidden behind mountain peaks in a sturdy position. Ali Nazari, an advocator for the National Resistant Front (NRF) fighters, told BBC World News that the rebels had pushed the Taliban on the back foot. “There are run out a number of hundred Taliban who is trapped and that they are running out of munitions and they are negotiating terms of surrender right currently,” he said.

However, Taliban officers are claiming to end within the area, with one commander telling a number one media outlet: “By the grace of God Almighty, we tend to are up to a speed of entire Afghanistan. The troublemakers have been defeated and Panjshir is now below our command.” The Taliban once usurping Afghanistan is now in control of the remainder of the country and are expected to announce a replacement government within the coming back days.

On Friday the European Union and the UK joined the United States in oral communication they’re going to cope with the religionist group, however won’t acknowledge them as Afghanistan’ government. The EU also aforesaid it had been about to re-establish a diplomatic presence in the national capital to administer evacuations and make sure that a new Afghan government fulfills commitments on problems together with security and human rights. however, its foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said any engagement would be subject to strict conditions and would solely be to support the Afghan people.