China locks down the area surrounding the iPhone factory days after workers fled

On Wednesday, the huge Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, in central China, began a seven-day period of “still management.”

Chinese officials closed up the area around the largest iPhone plant in the world on Wednesday after employees left the building to dodge Covid restrictions.

On Wednesday, local authorities stated in a statement that the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, in central China, where Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn operates a sizable operation, began a seven-day period of “static management,” a euphemism for lockdown.


Images of individuals escaping the Foxconn complex, which employs hundreds of thousands of employees, surfaced last week on Chinese social media.

Online complaints about the working environment and having to leave the workplace on foot to escape Covid transport curbs were made by employees.

The authorities stated on Wednesday that everyone, with the exception of Covid prevention volunteers and vital professionals, “must not leave their dwellings unless to undergo Covid tests and emergency medical treatment.”

They said that only medical and delivery cars will be permitted on the roads.

As the final major economy to commit to a zero-Covid strategy, China continues to implement sudden lockdowns, extensive testing, and protracted quarantines in an effort to contain spreading epidemics.

A large portion of the nation now lives under an ever-changing mosaic of Covid restrictions as a result of new varieties that have taxed local authorities’ capacity to put out flare-ups before they spread.