Australia restricts travel to suppress COVID-19 in country

Scott Morrison also announced that the decision amid growing anger about repeated snap lockdowns had been dubbed as a vaccine stroll out.

On Friday, Australia announced a decrease in the number of people entering the country as it struggles to contain the Coronavirus outbreaks which had led the major cities into lockdown.

Scott Morrison, The Prime Minister, said that with more than half of the nation’s population working from home, quotas for overseas arrivals would be reduced by half to help prevent further outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Only 6,000 people have been allowed to enter Australia on overseas commercial flights each week and the arrivals must undergo mandatory two weeks hotel quarantine under the current ‘zero COVID-19’ strategy.

By the mid of July, the quota would be down to about 3,000 as said by the PM.

Fewer than 8 percent of the adults had been fully vaccinated until now since the pandemic had started.

He said that it was a difficult time when people were dealing with restrictions and there was still a journey ahead of them.

On Thursday, 27 new local cases had been delivered and in an effort to control the outbreaks, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth had been brought under lockdown with a total of approximately 10 million people in lockdown as well.

The new deal previewed by Scott Morrison would shift the country’s strategy of suppressing the COVID-19 virus to managing it.

He said that the government would soon adopt the target of vaccination drive which would allow the gradual opening of the borders and a return to normal life in the country.

Scott Morrison said that the borders would open first for vaccinated Australians and overseas travelers who would also be subject to reduced quarantine requirements.

The Prime Minister said that if the people of Australia got vaccinated now then they could change how they were living as a country and could get to change it.