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Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya exposes Jasmin Bhasin as the manipulator in the house

Rahul tells Jaan Kumar Sanu that the only manipulator at the house is Jasmin. She seems like the ideal drama queen.


Since Bigg Boss premiered exactly a month ago, participants are finally beginning to show their real colours as tasks become more fierce and provoking by the second. So far, almost inmates have lashed out, marked their place in the house, and have made sure no one messes with them. But Rahul Vaidya has been frank, crude, and filterless throughout the show. And his inmates seem really concerned. In a recent snippet of Bigg Boss Extra Masala, Jaan Kumar Sanutold Rahul that he should consider controlling his obvious impulse to jump in at every topic. However, Rahul doesn’t think he’s as impulsive as he seems and went on to point fingers at Jasmin Bhasin for being the impulsive and dramatic one in the house.

Pondering over recent happenings while sitting beside his most toxic critic, Jaan felt compelled to clear things up with Rahul. Giving him a slight nudge, Jaan asked Rahul why he always got so excited about every new topic that came up in the house. Regarding him skeptically, Rahul allowed Jaan to complete before he justified his stance. Jaan, sensing Rahul’s calm reception, further told him to at least talk with a filter if he chose to express his opinions on topics.

Well, that’s when Rahul heard just enough. Clearly offended and feeling the need to defend himself, the singer scoffed at Jaan and told him that he can’t tolerate it when people tell him what to do and what not to do – because he doesn’t. When he’s wrong, people correct him and he listens. When he’s right, people appreciate him and he prides in it. Filters and no filters, that comes down to personality. Rahul says that his comments shouldn’t be taken personally because it’s all part of the show. He went on to clarify that he has only shared his opinions and never imposed them on any of his inmates. In fact, the only manipulator at the house, according to Rahul, is Jasmin. She seems like the ideal drama queen to his eyes. Quick to jump in, make conclusions, and exaggerate problems. He reminded Jaan that almost everyone inside the house, including the host, Salman Khan, saw her manipulative side during the Kathputli task.