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What’s new in the Google’s Android 14 TV beta

To offer viewers a sense of what to anticipate from the impending OS upgrade, Google has released an Android 14 preview on TV. The distribution occurs simultaneously with the release of Android 14 Beta 3 for Pixel smartphones. It should be mentioned that the firm gave little information regarding this next release during Google I/O 2023.

The Android TV 14 beta is available for download, and you can use Android Studio to run it on an emulator of the preview. Google used to provide a build that could be installed on their ADT-3 systems, however it has not yet been made available on the website for Android developers.

It is noted that a Chromecast device cannot be used to install the Android TV 14 preview.

The Android 13 TV still isn’t available from Google:

Google has added 4K resolution Google TV to the Chromecast. The gadget is still running Android 12, and it seems that Google has opted not to offer an upgrade for any Android TV or Google TV devices based on Android 13. In the Android 14 beta, it appears that Google may have abandoned Android 13 for televisions due to a code change. The Android Studio will therefore place the emulator for this version in a non-recommended option.

New accessibility features, energy-saving settings, and a revamped Package Installer app are also included in Android TV 14. There are new colour correction options and the ability to convert to several display formats under the “format selection” option. There are shortcuts for favourites apps and inputs, and call notifications from compatible apps may be activated. There could be a “Headphones” option in the Google TV launcher enabling an immediate Bluetooth connection. The majority of the technical updates in Android 13 TV’s beta version focused on new APIs and improved accessibility features. Version 14 of Android TV is anticipated to provide substantial updates and functionality.

As soon as the update is made available to the general public, it is anticipated that Google and its partners would provide their users rapid access to it.