Twitter to get new LinkedIn twist: May soon let verified firms publish hiring posts

Twitter’s new feature, tentatively named Twitter Hiring, would allow companies to attract top talents for positions that are currently available.

Twitter is adding more features, perhaps in an effort to attract more users to the service. The social networking site appears to be developing a brand-new function that would enable verified businesses to list all of their job opportunities on their profiles. While Twitter hasn’t formally stated that it is developing this function or that it plans to deliver it anytime soon, some tipsters appear to have observed its tests being conducted with a few select firms. ‘Twitter Hiring’ is the working title of this unannounced service.

On July 20, IT expert and app researcher Nima Owji posted a screenshot of this impending Twitter feature. The shared tweet further explained Twitter’s intention to permit employers to simultaneously post up to five job positions.


“Twitter has over 528 million users. From software engineers to retail sales to forklift operators, your next hire is here,” the explanation noted.

When prospective candidates click on the hiring post, they are transferred to the business that published the post’s website.

When a user recommended that Twitter could include dating functions on the app, Twitter’s founder Elon Musk got the notion to give Twitter this LinkedIn spin.

Musk had replied to him at the time, calling it an excellent idea and pointing out that job opportunities might also be publicised on Twitter.

It appears that Musk is attempting to increase the number of users and businesses that sign up for Twitter Blue in order to increase income for the firm that he purchased last year for about $44 billion (approximately Rs. 3,60,711 crore).