QQTube grew my channel!

First things first – QQTube is a life (and job) saver! I’ve run a channel on YouTube for years and struggled to reach my engagement goals for just as long. I heard from a friend who is also in the SMM industry that it was possible to buy views on YouTube, but buying YouTube views had always seemed like risky business to me, and I was hesitant to take the leap until about six months ago when I came across QQTube just by chance. I’m so glad I did because my channel has honestly improved so much since I found them.

Just for background, I run a YouTube channel for my business (I own an organic skincare company) and while I do get a lot of customers that find my business through YouTube I noticed that in recent months my videos weren’t getting as many views and likes as usual. Personally, I blame it on the algorithm because my content quality has increased and I’ve started posting videos more frequently. Needless to say, I was extremely frustrated with having my content plateauing like that especially since I put in so much time and effort into creating my videos. So that’s where I was before I found QQTube, and chances are if you’re reading this review you’re in a similar boat so I can tell you now – don’t despair! You’re already on the right track, trust me.


Free Youtube Views from QQtube

The first thing that stood out to me about QQTube was that they offer you free services to try before you commit to anything, which was a big comfort to me. My main concern was how to get views YouTube would consider high quality, so being able to test out YouTube views before I deposited any money was great. I was told that my free views would arrive to my video within a day, and they did so I decided to order more YouTube views for several videos and each order went smoothly.

I was also very impressed by the quality of their customer service. I initially emailed them to ask about the process of getting the free views, and how long the order would take, and I received a response within the hour from Julie, who answered all of my questions in detail. (Now that I’m looking at the email thread it seems that she replied to me after only 17 minutes – they’re seriously amazing). It’s worth noting that I had a LOT of questions, and I know they probably have a ton of customers to respond to but Julie was extremely friendly and took the time to answer everything and even gave me extra information which was a huge help.

The QQTube website is also very well designed and intuitive. They make it really easy to open a support ticket if you need it, and they also have a blog with tips and news on social media in general. One thing that their site has that I noticed no one else seemed to offer was a dashboard to view your orders after you placed them. You can see the URL you used to place your order, how much the order was for, and even the progress of it as it delivers. Just having the dashboard made me feel more in control of the process since I didn’t have to wonder if my order really went through or worry about when the views would reach my video.

QQTube Refills Fast

Before you even place your order you can read all of the details on the service to help make your decision. They outline the refill policies which are amazing, I don’t think any other website I looked at had anything like that. One of my YouTube likes orders had a very small drop of three likes a few months after I ordered them, but they had a lifetime guarantee refill on that service so I emailed them to let them know about the drop and it was refilled within the day. I haven’t had any issues with YouTube views dropping but I know that if that did happen I’d be covered by the refill policy so I’m not worried about it.

They’re also really transparent about any issues that are occurring with YouTube that might affect their services. Right now there’s a notice on their News page about how YouTube may remove any COVID related content. They don’t just let their customers blindly purchase their services without giving them the full picture, which is so rare especially when it comes to SMM services.

Buying Views on QQtube

I’ve only ordered services for YouTube (it’s a great place to get YouTube subscribers too especially if you’re just starting out) but they offer services for a bunch of other websites and they’re constantly adding new services and improving their current ones. Buying YouTube views on QQTube these last six months was enough to give my channel the leg up on the competition, but I’m honestly addicted now because it makes running a channel so much easier. I don’t have to worry about having YouTube videos with no views anymore. So for any YouTuber who is struggling with their channel, because we all know how annoying the algorithm can be, I 100% recommend QQTube as the best provider for YouTube views.