Indian-origin advisor to Elon Musk defends Twitter’s $8 fee and provides four explanations

On November 1, the Twitter CEO stated that blue tick would cost $8 in a series of tweets.

Elon Musk, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, has faced harsh criticism for charging $8 per month for blue tick verification. Musk has refused to back down from the decision despite strong resistance, claiming that it is the only way to stop Twitter’s bots and trolls. Now, Sriram Krishnan, a consultant of Indian descent, has defended the subscription service while highlighting certain issues with the current verification procedure.

In a string of tweets today, Krishnan said that a number of criticisms of the paid verification are illogical. To support his contention that subscription will lessen impersonation on the site, he provided four arguments. He claimed that using a credit card or mobile checkout significantly increases friction and that anyone discovered mimicking will forfeit their money, something Musk had before claimed.


The techie went on to say that there are many people who ought to be verified but aren’t, as well as some who ought not to be confirmed but are. The existing path on any social network, he continued, is unclear and open to manipulation. “$8 gives a consistent path for anyone regardless of their level of notability ( which is subjective),” he added.

Krishnan said the current model also has severe spam issues. He then asked people to check out any reply to Vitalik (@VitalikButerin) or Elon Musk (@elonmusk) and they will see lots of hacked blue check accounts. The added that, giving blue checks in $8 makes those attacks less valuable.

“Finally, verification on social media was originally meant to solve for “this person is who they say they are” he added. The phrase “we judge this person to be famous” was not intended to be used. This returns it to the design’s original intent. No more DMing staff in exchange for a favour, “stated Krishnan.

Musk’s advisor continued by saying that, similar to every launch, there will be opportunity for refinement and modifications, but he is enthusiastic about the first modification to the way social media verification functions in a very long time.

A day after Musk announced he would be assisting the Tesla CEO with the new business, Krishnan announced that Musk had purchased Twitter for $44 billion. He in a tweet on October 31 wrote: “Now that the word is out: I’m helping out @elonmusk with Twitter temporarily with some other great people. I ( and a16z) believe this is a hugely important company and can have a great impact on the world and Elon is the person to make it happen.”

On November 1, the Twitter CEO stated that blue tick would cost $8 in a series of tweets.