Customise the appearance of your Instagram profile page, Instagram to launch new feature

4:5 aspect ratio previews and cropping for personalised previews are two new features that Instagram is testing and may soon make available to help you customise your profile.


Instagram is developing a new feature that will allow users to customise how their posts look on their profile after they’ve been published. Instagram users can now crop, pan, and select a specific region of a post to be seen as a preview, or set posts to appear as the complete post.

Users who like to fine-tune and have control over how their postings appear on their profile page will appreciate the option. Artists, in particular, who use Instagram to promote their work, will be able to use the tool to personalise their profile pages.

Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a), a Twitter user with a solid track record when it comes to Instagram features, broke the news. The new cropping process is demonstrated in a tweet by the user. Take a look at tweet below.

However, this isn’t the only way Instagram can be customised. Instagram will soon allow users to set default 4:5 aspect ratios on all of their post previews, according to a separate Twitter tweet by user Salman Memon (@salman memon 7). Take a look of a tweet below.

Users who upload more portrait-oriented photographs on Instagram will appreciate the 4:5 aspect ratio. On the profile page, a square preview would often not be the best depiction of such photographs, chopping out significant areas of the image at the top and bottom. With the new 4:5 aspect ratio, this should be fixed.

Only a few users have access to the additional customising options, which are currently in testing. We don’t know when more users will be able to customise their profiles or when they will be rolled out in full, but it shouldn’t be long.