Samsung Joins AI-RAN Alliance to lead AI and 6G Innovation

Samsung’s participation in the AI-RAN Alliance as a founding member signifies its commitment to driving 6G innovation through AI and wireless communication technology.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced its participation in the AI-RAN Alliance as a founding member, with the aim of promoting innovation in 6G technology by combining AI technology and wireless communication technology.

Officially launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024, the AI-RAN Alliance is focused on revitalizing the convergence of AI and wireless communication to lead technology innovation through collaboration with related companies. Founding members of the alliance include Samsung, Arm, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, NVIDIA, SoftBank, and Northeastern University. The alliance will collaborate on developing innovative technologies and applying them to commercial products in preparation for the upcoming 6G era.


Samsung’s participation in the AI-RAN Alliance is driven by its belief that AI will be an integral part of emerging services in the 6G era. Charlie Zhang, Senior Vice President at Samsung Research America, stated that the alliance will foster collaboration, drive innovation, and usher in a new era of transformation around AI and 6G networks, creating new value for end users and operators through AI-based use cases and innovations.

The AI-RAN Alliance aims to combine AI and wireless communication technologies for application in various fields, create an ecosystem, and expand opportunities for new businesses. The alliance has established three working groups to carry out technical research: AI for RAN, AI and RAN, and AI on RAN. These groups will focus on technology utilizing AI/ML to improve the efficiency of radio access networks (RAN), convergence technology for efficient resource management, and discovering new AI applications and services in wireless networks. The results of these activities are expected to greatly contribute to the standardization and commercialization of 6G in the future.

Samsung plans to use its participation in the AI-RAN Alliance to lead technological convergence and service innovation by combining AI with wireless communication technology. The company is committed to leading the 6G ecosystem with its industry-leading position in AI and wireless communication solutions, such as semiconductors, AI hardware and software technologies, wireless communication systems, and terminals.

Samsung Research has been at the forefront of 6G technology development, having established the Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) in May 2019. The company has published the 6G white paper and the 6G spectrum white paper in July 2020 and May 2022, respectively, and hosted the inaugural Samsung 6G Forum in May 2022. Samsung Research envisions AI-native as a key attribute of future 6G networks, leading to significantly improved capacity, coverage, and energy efficiency. Going forward, Samsung Research will continue to lead innovations with the goal of the successful launch and commercialization of next-generation communication systems in the future.