Is THIS the new Google Docs competitor?

Proton, famous for its secure email service, has just launched a new tool called Proton Docs, which promises to take user privacy to the next level. Announced in a blog post on Wednesday, this new document editor ensures your files, cursor movements, and keystrokes are all encrypted.


What is Proton Docs?

Proton Docs, part of Proton Drive, offers many features similar to Google Docs, including:

  • A formatting toolbar
  • Rich text options
  • File names and paths
  • Commenting
  • Multimedia support
  • White pages
  • Live indicators showing who else is viewing the file

It supports Microsoft .docx files and allows you to add images. You can invite others to collaborate on a document, but they will need a Proton account, as link-based sharing is not available.

Proton Docs stands out because of its strong focus on privacy. All your data is protected with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), ensuring that only you and those you share with can access your files. This makes it an attractive option for those who prioritize security.

Availability and Future Plans

Currently, Proton Docs is not a standalone app; it is only accessible online. There’s no word yet on when a dedicated app will be released or what operating systems it will support, but there’s hope an app will come later, just like Proton Drive, which initially launched as a web-only service before releasing an app.

This launch follows recent improvements in Proton Drive’s sharing features. While Proton Docs isn’t open-source yet, Proton plans to make it open-source soon, allowing users to verify the security claims themselves. The creation of Proton Docs was a joint effort with the team from Standard Notes, which Proton recently acquired.

You can use Proton Docs for free up to a 5GB limit. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. While Google Docs is still more popular, Proton Docs might become a strong competitor in the future.

As Proton continues to expand its suite of privacy-focused tools, Proton Docs is a significant step towards giving users more control and security over their digital lives