Google launches Web Story feature for WordPress in beta version

WordPress, the biggest website making platform, is now introduced with Google’s AMP web stories feature in the beta version. Google has launched its web story plugin in beta version for WordPress. It is being believed that this feature will help a lot in gathering traffic to the website.

The feature is similar to the Instagram stories feature wherein the user can put up news, information, links, pictures etc. in a tap-through story format. The stories will be visible in the Google search page and discover the page of the Google app.


Some salient features of the web story plugin are:

1. The stories will be ranked by Google and will have a dedicated URL for each one of them.

2. The publisher can include animations, pictures, links etc. in the story.

3. The feature will allow the content limit of 30 words to keep the information short and crisp.

4. Google encourages the publisher to add a caption to the videos used in the stories.

As of now, the plugin is released in beta version hence, it doesn’t have all the features like adding animations and pages. The final version with all the features is expected to be released later in 2020.

Till then, WordPress users can download the beta plugin and can try the feature of web stories. One thing to keep in mind is that the beta version may contain bugs as it is not completely processed, hence it is advisable to use the feature on a staging site.