How to use noise cancellation in just one AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro, those tiny marvels that snugly fit into your ears like a pair of musical companions, typically come paired—left and right—as they were intended. Yet, in the eclectic world of personal preferences, it’s not uncommon to spot someone opting for just a solitary bud. Maybe it’s a matter of preference, situational awareness, or perhaps a physical necessity. Regardless, the choice is yours, and wearing a single AirPod Pro is perfectly acceptable.

However, if you find yourself enjoying the benefits of active noise cancellation (ANC) on your AirPods Pro and wish to activate it while using only one earbud, Apple has a nifty workaround. By default, ANC is turned off when using a single AirPod Pro, but if you’re keen on tuning out the world in one ear while keeping the other ear free, here’s how you can do it:


How to Turn on ANC for a Single AirPod Pro Earbud

Step 1: Begin by powering up your AirPods Pro either by opening the case or inserting at least one into your ear.

Step 2: On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Settings menu.

Step 3: Select “Bluetooth” and then tap on your AirPods Pro from the list of devices.

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the “Accessibility” section, and tap on it.

Step 5: Within Accessibility, locate the “Noise Cancellation with One AirPod” option. Toggle the switch to turn it on.

And there you have it! With this setting activated, you can now enjoy active noise cancellation in one ear while leaving the other ear free to catch every ambient sound or conversation around you.

It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t enable this feature by default, possibly due to the unconventional nature of using ANC on just one ear. Nevertheless, having the option to customize your listening experience is part of what makes AirPods Pro so versatile. So, whether you’re in the zone with both buds or selectively tuning in with one, the choice is yours to make.