Here’s how to use Apple’s new Genmoji feature on iOS 18

Ever had that moment when a mere smiley just won’t do, or when a seemingly innocent eggplant emoji takes on a life of its own? Welcome to the world where emojis aren’t just cute icons; they’re a minefield of potential social disasters.

Emojis were supposed to simplify our digital convos, but half the time, I’m lost in a sea of tiny pictures, desperately searching for one that truly captures my vibe.


Thankfully, Apple’s heard our cries and unleashed a savior: Genmoji. With the grand reveal of iOS 18, Genmoji joins Apple’s “Apple Intelligence” family. Yes, they insist on “Apple Intelligence” instead of the simpler “AI” – because, well, it’s Apple.

Genmoji, or “generated emoji,” uses AI wizardry to let you craft custom emojis. No more settling for basic smileys or overused thumbs-ups. Now, you can craft emojis that perfectly capture your mood, inside jokes, or even recreate your friend’s classic goofball expressions.


How to use Genmoji: An idiot-proof guide

First, open your Messages app – you know, that place where you feign LOLs at your friends’ memes. Tap the emoji icon next to the text box.

Now, spot the sparkly new Genmoji tab. It’s right by the usual snooze-worthy emoji categories. This is where the real magic unfolds. Type in what you want – a unicorn surfing a rainbow taco? Type it. Your friend’s face when they realize they forgot to turn off the stove? Type that too. It’s a playground of endless possibilities.

Once you’ve penned your emoji fantasy, sit back as Apple Intelligence gets to work. It’ll generate a bunch of options. Fair warning: some might resemble crayon scribbles by a toddler. But hey, keep hitting that refresh button.

Finally, pick the Genmoji that speaks to your soul. Or at least the one that doesn’t make you cringe too hard. Tap it, and voila! Your personal emoji masterpiece is ready to dazzle – or confuse – your pals.

Now, go forth and emoji-fy your feelings like the digital trendsetter you were destined to be!