Intel fights back with its next-gen Tiger Lake processors and Xe graphics

Intel gave us a first look at the company’s upcoming Tiger Lake processors


On 11th June, 2020 on the occasion of Intel’s Architecture Day 2020, They gave us a first look at the company’s upcoming Tiger Lake processors, along with a more specifications  preview of Intel’s foray into building its own GPUs with its upcoming massive Xe graphics — both of which promise to offer higher performance and lower power consumption than ever before.

These new products are a big deal fior Intel for many reasons. Intel’s been forcing on the defensive for the past few years now, with heightened competition from AMD; its latest  7nm Ryzen 4000 chips are already way ahead of Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake chips from a manufacturing standpoint and, in various cases, outruns Intel’s offerings in laptops. Intel is also facing pressure from ARM, which is starting to chip away at Intel’s control over the major computer space, with major tech giants like Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple starting to offer ARM computers.

Intel recently announced that it’d be delaying its 7nm chips until at least 2022 — a major setback for its upcoming hardware releases. Intel needed a big win this fall, to show its partners, investors and consumers alike why it’s still a force to be dominate with in the processor world.