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GATI & Tech Mahindra team up to build next-generation software GEMS 2.0

The collaboration between GATI and Tech Mahindra aims to replace Gati’s outdated application with a more modern, scalable, and agile cloud-based application. The goal is to achieve operational excellence and provide the highest level of customer experience.

Gati Ltd., a member of the Allcargo Group and a provider of logistics and supply chain solutions, has joined forces with Tech Mahindra to create the Gati Enterprise Management System (GEMS) 2.0.

The primary operational software system of Gati, GEMS 2.0, is designed to provide an improved customer experience and a modern tech-driven interface, while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

This forward-thinking software application takes advantage of Tech Mahindra’s expertise and emphasizes cloud-native applications, demonstrating the organization’s dedication and investment in next-generation digital transformation and Cloud initiatives, according to a statement from Gati.

The collaboration aims to replace Gati’s existing application with a digital, scalable, and more agile cloud-based application for operational excellence and the best customer experience.

Vivek Agarwal, president – APJI (Enterprise), Corporate Development, Tech Mahindra, stated that the strategic implementation of new-age, data-driven technologies is crucial for revolutionizing operational efficiency and customer engagement in the logistics and supply chain industry. He added that their partnership with Gati in designing and developing GEMS 2.0 will help the organization enhance productivity, unlock new business opportunities, scale performance and lead the tech-led transformation narrative in the express logistics segment.

Over the next 18-24 months, Tech Mahindra will assist Gati in custom developing GEMS 2.0 from scratch, covering all first-mile, mid-mile, and last-mile operations. The software will be developed in modules such as pick-up, delivery, en-route, customer contracts, invoicing, among others.

Pirojshaw Sarkari, MD and CEO of Gati Express and Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd., stated that this partnership is a significant step forward in delivering operational excellence and a superior customer experience. It is part of Allcargo Group’s continued focus on empowering Gati to reach greater heights.

The architecture of GEMS 2.0 will be based on micro-services and event-driven through rule engines. It will be designed and developed on cloud infrastructure with a mobile-first and security-first architecture approach aimed at delivering consistent performance across the company’s geography of operations.

GEMS 2.0 will implement automation at various levels and extensively use data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Furthermore, thanks to its intuitive and consistent UI/UX design, GEMS 2.0 will offer on-demand customization and a multi-browser friendly user experience.