Wordle Today: Wordle answer and hints for June 25

We’ve got the inside scoop on today’s Wordle solution, along with some handy hints to help you crack the code yourself. We’ve tucked the answer away at the bottom of the page, so you won’t accidentally stumble upon it before you’re ready. Let’s dive in, starting with a recap of yesterday’s answer.


Yesterday’s Wordle answer

First, for those who missed it or are new to the game, yesterday’s Wordle answer was “DOLLY.” So, today’s answer is definitely not that. Armed with this knowledge, take another swing at it with a fresh start word and come back here if you need more help.


Hints for today’s Wordle

Stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got some clues to nudge you in the right direction. Try to solve it with these hints, so you can still bask in the glory of your streak!

  1. Today’s Wordle includes the letter V.
  2. Today’s Wordle uses two vowels.
  3. Today’s Wordle is a verb that means to enjoy or appreciate something completely.


Today’s Wordle answer

Still stumped? No problem! If you’re ready to keep your streak alive, scroll down for the answer.

The answer to today’s Wordle is…



Today’s Wordle definition

And here’s the meaning, courtesy of our trusty friend ChatGPT:

Savor is a verb that means to enjoy or appreciate something completely, especially by dwelling on it or prolonging the experience. It can also be used as a noun, referring to the quality that makes something enjoyable or worth appreciating. Here are the definitions in different contexts:

As a Verb

  • To Enjoy with Appreciation: To take time to enjoy something deeply.
    • Example: She savored every bite of the gourmet meal.
  • To Relish: To enjoy the taste or smell of something thoroughly.
    • Example: He savored the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • To Prolong: To enjoy an experience by extending it.
    • Example: They savored their vacation, taking time to explore every detail.

As a Noun

  • Pleasant Taste or Smell: The quality that makes food or drink enjoyable.
    • Example: The dish had a rich savor that delighted the senses.
  • Enjoyable Quality: An aspect that makes an experience enjoyable.
    • Example: The book had a savor of nostalgia that readers loved.


Tips for tomorrow’s Wordle

Wordle might seem like pure luck, but with a few strategies, you can boost your chances of guessing the word quickly. Your first guess is crucial—try starting with words rich in vowels (A, E, I, O, and U).

Popular starting words include “adieu,” “media,” “arise,” and “radio.” Avoid words with double letters to maximize your guess efficiency. Use the initial feedback to narrow down the vowels and then incorporate common consonants like R, S, and T. Good second guesses might be “stern,” “irate,” and “atone.” Remember, avoid reusing any letters that were marked gray in previous guesses.

Now that you’ve got today’s Wordle solved and the definition squared away, plus some tips to ace tomorrow’s puzzle, here are some other word games you might enjoy today.