Wordle Today: Wordle answer and hints for June 14

If you’re struggling to crack today’s Wordle and want to keep your streak alive, we’re here to help with some hints and the final answer (tucked away at the bottom). Let’s start with a quick recap of yesterday’s solution to help you get into the right mindset.


Yesterday’s Wordle Answer


Yesterday’s Wordle answer was ANGST. With that in mind, we can eliminate that word from today’s guesses.

Hints for Today’s Wordle

If you’re still stuck, try working through these hints before scrolling down to the answer:

  1. Today’s Wordle includes the letter V.
  2. Today’s Wordle uses two vowels.
  3. Today’s Wordle is an arched structure that forms a roof or ceiling.

Today’s Wordle Answer

Still no luck? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer right here. The solution to today’s Wordle is:


Wordle Definition

To enrich your vocabulary, here’s what “vault” means:

  1. Architectural Structure: A vault is an arched structure that forms a roof or ceiling, commonly seen in churches, cathedrals, and historical buildings. Examples include barrel vaults, ribbed vaults, and groin vaults.
  2. Secure Storage: A vault is a secure room or compartment used for storing valuable items, such as money, jewelry, or documents, typically found in banks and financial institutions.
  3. Crypt or Burial Chamber: A vault can also be an underground room or chamber used as a burial place.
  4. Digital or Data Storage: In digital terms, a vault refers to a secure storage system for digital data, such as passwords or sensitive documents.
  5. Athletic Term: In sports, a vault involves a leap or jump, like the pole vault in track and field or the vault apparatus in gymnastics.
  6. Cryptographic Term: In cryptography, a vault secures cryptographic keys and other sensitive data.


Tips for Tomorrow’s Wordle

To improve your chances for tomorrow’s puzzle, consider these strategies:

  • Start with Vowels: Good starting words include “adieu,” “media,” “arise,” and “radio.” These words cover most vowels, helping you identify which ones are in the word.
  • Common Consonants: After identifying vowels, focus on common consonants like R, S, and T with words such as “stern,” “irate,” and “atone.”
  • Avoid Repeating Letters: Don’t reuse letters from previous guesses that were marked gray, as they are not in the word.