Withering Rooms releases in April

Explore the ever-changing horrors of Mostyn House in Withering Rooms, a 2.5D horror adventure with procedurally generated levels, diverse characters, and a chilling atmosphere.

This April, Moonless Formless and Perp Games unleash their chilling 2.5D horror adventure, Withering Rooms, inviting players to navigate a labyrinthine mansion teeming with restless spirits, menacing monsters, and cryptic secrets.

This procedurally generated environment ensures no playthrough is ever the same, adding a layer of unpredictable dread to every exploration. Players must navigate the ever-changing halls, their senses heightened by the constant anticipation of the unknown lurking around each corner.


Withering Rooms throws players into a macabre menagerie of monstrous residents, each with their own twisted agenda. From lumbering zombies to deranged madmen, these creatures demand a keen survival instinct and a steady hand with the ever-expanding arsenal at your disposal.

A cast of equally peculiar characters resides within the mansion walls. From enigmatic merchants offering dubious wares to cunning witches harboring their own secrets, these individuals present opportunities for both aid and intrigue. Players must navigate a web of alliances and betrayals, carefully choosing who to trust in this unsettling world. The unique 2.5D art style, reminiscent of classic horror comics, adds a distinct visual flair to the unsettling atmosphere, further immersing players in the chilling narrative.

The recently released trailer offers a glimpse into the chilling world of Withering Rooms. Launching on April 2nd for PC and consoles (with an Early Access version currently available on Steam), Withering Rooms promises a unique and terrifying adventure for those seeking a thrill.