The Finals update 1.10.0 introduces new events and gameplay improvements

The Finals update 1.1.0 brings new events, bug fixes, UI improvements, map and animation enhancements, and performance optimizations.

Embark Studios’ popular first-person shooter, The Finals, recently received a significant update, version 1.10.0. This update ushers in a new era for the game, introducing fresh content, addressing player-reported issues, and offering a glimpse into the future.

One of the most exciting additions in this update is the “Smoking Guns” event. This event takes the form of a Single Round Tournament, offering players a unique and potentially fast-paced competitive experience. Additionally, the update introduces the game’s first Collaborative Community Event, tasking players with working together to achieve a specific collective goal: cashing out a staggering $250,000,000,000 in one week. Reaching this ambitious target will unlock special rewards for the entire player base, fostering a sense of community and shared accomplishment.


Beyond the new events, the update brings a plethora of gameplay improvements. Players will encounter several bug fixes, including issues with the “play again” button, emote cancellation, and the tournament screen. The update also addresses user interface (UI) inconsistencies, such as a disappearing mouse cursor and the squad member indicator displaying only a blue dot. Furthermore, players can now equip items directly from the store and equipment page, streamlining their loadout management.

The update doesn’t stop at bug fixes and UI improvements. It also implements various map and animation enhancements. The update refines the collision detection of the ground mesh on the Monaco map, ensuring smoother player movement and interaction with the environment. In terms of animation, the update tackles instances of character deformation appearing visually incorrect, particularly in squad lineups. These improvements contribute to a more polished and visually appealing gameplay experience.

The Finals update 1.1.0 also prioritizes security and performance. The development team implemented general security updates to safeguard the game’s integrity and player data. Additionally, the update addresses specific console-related crashes, particularly impacting Xbox Series S models. Furthermore, the update offers overall performance optimizations, including system memory usage improvements.

While the update brings a wave of positive changes, it also acknowledges some lingering issues. The anti-virus program “CrowdStrike” might still prevent some players from launching the game. The developers are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. Additionally, the “Glint Tint” weapon skin currently appears darker than intended, and the Smoking Guns event splash screen displays an incorrect end date. Finally, the Las Vegas map’s sandstorm version has been temporarily disabled due to reported spawning problems.

In conclusion, The Finals update 1.1.0 marks a significant step forward for the game. It introduces new events, addresses player concerns, and lays the groundwork for future improvements. While some known issues remain, the update demonstrates the development team’s commitment to providing a continually evolving and enjoyable gaming experience.