Popular online games that are playable, and would make you real money, thanks to the Internet

Popular Games that Are Playable Thanks to the Internet

Ask anyone what they would consider as an invention that would  define this era and most would answer ‘the Internet’. It is such an amazing technology that revolutionized every single industry from how brands connect with their audiences to how collaborators share information. All of these are noble uses for the internet but another thing that has greatly improved because of it is video games.

The children, teens, and adults from around the world are now enjoying video games that never would’ve been made if gaming platforms remain disconnected. Here are some games that are only made possible by the gift of the interconnecting network that links personal devices with servers:


Browser Games

The start to an article about internet-supported games should be those that can be played on web browsers. These games are popular because they don’t need to be downloaded. Simply search for the website that has a compilation of them and everything that can be found there is yours to play for free!

Most children who grew up in the early 2000s have played only games that are supported by Adobe Flash plug-in on web browsers. When Adobe announced that they are shutting it down effectively from January 2021, many young adults at the time were devastated.

Not only do they lose the games they grew up with but they lose the opportunity to share this experience with their children. Fortunately, many developers have remade their Flash games on HTML5, thus preserving the history and culture of web browser gaming!

Browser games are often educational. Most of them include basic math exercises, spelling bees, or quizzes for other subjects. Other times, they are meant to help children or challenged individuals develop with colour-matching games and puzzles. There are also social games or community-shared content-building platforms where people can learn from and teach other members of the community.

Online Gambling

Children and content creators are not the only ones who can enjoy the power of the internet. Gambling activities can now be enjoyed in virtual spaces, too! To be fair, the concept of ‘gambling at home’ already exists in many forms. Most of which include appearing in single-player video games as a mini-game. They are called ‘simulated gambling’.

Simulated gambling does follow the same rules as real gambling games but they are not as engaging because there are no real stakes. Gamblers don’t play cards, dice, or slots because they like the pretty pictures on cardboard or the elegant gestures of the dealer.

Gambling is only fun when there’s something to be won. The internet not only serves as an amazing platform to make gambling games accessible through personal devices but also make deposits and withdrawals remote.

Online Casino Games

The easiest games to develop for remote gambling are those that use random number generators (RNG). This includes any simple casino games like slots, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. However, only slots became popular in this format. Players would rather see a real dealer handle real cards, wheels, and dice as opposed to electronic graphics.

Slots are now decorated with 3D animated graphics and have an intuitive interface. Many online slots today are no longer limited to the same 3, 5, or 7 reels. Some have a completely new format that is very similar to android games.

Live Dealer Games

Online casino games using RNG do offer some conveniences but it takes away the core experience of certain games. Many people do not trust virtual versions of table games like cards, dice, and roulettes. Because of this, live dealer games were introduced. Casinos stream a real dealer using actual cards and tables in a studio.

Why not just go to real casinos if people want to play with real dealers? The reason is that not many people can go as often as they’d like. Some can’t go to casinos at all because they are so busy with their job and family. If the customer can’t come to the product then the only solution is to bring the product to the customer!

Online Sportsbooks

Compared to other gambling games, sports betting appears to be the most uncomfortable activity. One has to queue, buy a ticket, watch the game, take rewards, rinse and repeat. Online sportsbooks let gamblers keep the experience casual.

The process is now: open the website, choose a game, place a bet, then wait for results. Betting is now a button-press away while receiving payout is automatic. Players don’t need to be at the venue to wager nor do they need to watch the game!

Online Multiplayers

Games on web browsers are not the only ones that exist because of the internet. Today, multiplayer games are so common that they are often considered staple features for any franchise. There are also plenty of types of games with different ways to be enjoyed with the company of others!

Fighting and co-op games can be played with strangers across the world. MMORPGs and Battle Royales are game genres that exist only because of the internet. Virtual card games suddenly became more popular than traditional settings because people no longer have to visit a store to find an opponent!

The ability to play online has also created a new brand of sports that involves video games and it is called ‘esports’. Whether it is a fighting game, MOBA, or shooter, it can be a sport as long as it can connect players in one way or another. Although it can be arranged locally, the internet helped players contend against random strangers at any time.


Today is the age of information because of how easy it is to deliver or broadcast content around the world. This technology made being an artist and developer a very lucrative trade. However, not everyone does it for the money. Web browser games are often free and supported by the community.

This is the time when everyone can connect and share their interest in everything. The video game industry did both: games are accessible to almost everyone and people can play together without being near each other. This is just one example of innovation. One could only wonder what else is in store for humanity.

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