NYT Strands today: hints, spangram and answers for Thursday, June 13

Just like with Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword, some days Strands can throw a tricky puzzle your way. If you’re feeling stumped and need a bit of help, we’re here with today’s Strands puzzle solutions.


How to Play Strands

In Strands, your mission is to find “theme words” hidden within a grid of letters. Here’s how:

  1. Manipulate Letters: Drag or tap letters to form words. Double-tap the final letter to confirm your word.
  2. Find Theme Words: Correct words are highlighted in blue and are no longer selectable.
  3. Non-Theme Words: Every three non-theme words (at least four letters long) you find will reveal a hint by showing some letters of a theme word. Unscramble these to progress.
  4. No Overlap: Every letter on the grid is used exactly once to form the theme words.
  5. Spangram: Look for the spangram, a special word that spans two opposite sides of the board and describes the puzzle’s theme. It’s highlighted in yellow.

Your goal is to solve the puzzle quickly while minimizing the use of hints.

Hint for Today’s NYT Strands Puzzle

Today’s Theme: “Good times ahead.” Hint: Specific get-together and then some.


Today’s NYT Strands Answers

Today’s Spangram:


Theme Words:

  • BOAT
  • FOUL

With these answers, you should be able to breeze through today’s Strands puzzle. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be solving these puzzles without a hitch. Enjoy the challenge and happy puzzling!