NYT Strands today: hints, spangram and answers for Saturday, June 15

Strands is a brand new, daily puzzle that offers a trickier take on the classic word search. Just like Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword, Strands can sometimes be challenging. If you need a little help solving today’s puzzle, we’ve got the answers right here.


How to Play NYT Strands


In Strands, your goal is to find “theme words” hidden in a grid of letters. Here’s how to play:

  1. Identify Theme Words: Drag or tap letters to form words. Double-tap the final letter to confirm the word.
  2. Correct Words Highlighted: If you find a theme word, it will be highlighted in blue and will no longer be selectable.
  3. Non-Theme Words Help Too: For every three non-theme words of at least four letters that you find, you’ll receive a hint revealing letters of a theme word, which you will then need to unscramble.
  4. Use All Letters: Every letter in the grid is used to spell out the theme words, with no overlaps. Each letter is used once.
  5. Find the Spangram: Each puzzle contains one “spangram,” a special theme word that touches two opposite sides of the board. The spangram is highlighted in yellow when found.
  6. Complete Quickly: Aim to finish the puzzle quickly without relying too heavily on hints.


Hint for Today’s NYT Strands Puzzle

Today’s theme is “Deep dive.”

Hint: Think of ocean life.


Today’s NYT Strands Answers

Today’s Spangram:


Theme Words:

  • CLAM

By keeping the theme and hints in mind, you can solve today’s Strands puzzle and enjoy the satisfaction of uncovering all the hidden words. Happy puzzling!