NYT Strands today: hints, spangram and answers for Friday, June 14

Just like Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword, Strands can sometimes be a real brain-teaser. But hey, there’s no need to feel bad about needing a bit of assistance now and then. If today’s Strands puzzle has you stumped, worry not—your lifeline is right here!

How to NYT Play Strands

In each Strands puzzle, your mission is to unearth the “theme words” cleverly concealed within a grid of letters. Shuffle those letters around by dragging or tapping to form words; a double-tap on the last letter will lock in your word. Hit the jackpot with a theme word, and it’ll glow blue, making it non-selectable for future moves.

Finding a word that isn’t a theme word isn’t a loss, though. For every three non-theme words of four letters or more, you earn a hint—one of the theme words’ letters will be revealed, ready for you to unscramble.

Remember, every letter in the grid is part of the theme words, with no overlap. Each letter is used once and only once.

Each puzzle also includes a unique “spangram,” a theme-defining word (or words) that stretches across two opposite sides of the board. When discovered, it lights up in yellow.

The aim? Solve the puzzle swiftly without relying too heavily on hints.

Hint for Today’s Strands Puzzle

Today’s theme is all about taking it easy: “Take a load off.”

Need a nudge? Think sitting down. That’s right—today’s hint is “all about sitting down.”


Today’s NYT Strands Answers

Let’s kick things off with the spangram, which might just give you the edge to crack the rest of the puzzle:

Spangram: SEATING

And here are your theme words for today:

  • SOFA

Now go forth and conquer that puzzle, one comfy seat at a time!