NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Monday, June 24

Love crossword puzzles but don’t have the luxury of time to tackle a full-sized grid in your daily newspaper? Enter The Mini!

The Mini is the New York Times’ delightful, bite-sized version of their iconic crossword puzzle. It’s the perfect way to flex your crossword muscles without committing a chunk of your day. On average, most players breeze through it in just over a minute. Despite its smaller scale and simpler nature, The Mini can still pack a punch. One tricky clue can be the difference between smashing your personal best and a humbling struggle.

Much like our helpful hints for Wordle and Connections, we’re here to assist with The Mini too. If you’re feeling stuck, fear not – we’ve got the answers for today’s NYT Mini crossword right here.


NYT Mini Crossword answers today


  • What a fold-out couch can become – BED
  • Cars ordered from one’s phone – UBERS
  • Comedian Sherman of “Saturday Night Live” – SARAH
  • Similar – ALIKE
  • Harper ___, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” – LEE


  • Knick’s knack? – BBALL
  • Spooky – EERIE
  • Rapper in a high-profile feud with Kendrick Lamar – DRAKE
  • Country with the most Olympic medals: Abbr. – USA
  • “___ sells seashells …” – SHE

So there you have it, crossword aficionados! Whether you’re aiming for a new personal record or just need a quick brain teaser, The Mini has got you covered. Happy puzzling!