NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Friday, June 21

Do you love crossword puzzles but lack the time to tackle the colossal ones in your daily newspaper? Enter The Mini – your new best friend!

The Mini is the New York Times’ beloved crossword puzzle, condensed into a bite-sized brain teaser. It’s the perfect daily challenge to flex your crossword skills without needing to clear your schedule. Most folks solve these pint-sized puzzles in just over a minute, but don’t let its small stature fool you. One tricky clue can make the difference between your fastest solve yet and a head-scratching struggle.

Just like with our Wordle hints and Connections hints, we’ve got your back with The Mini, too. Stuck and need a nudge? Look no further.

Here are today’s answers for the NYT Mini crossword:


NYT Mini Crossword Answers for Today


  • What drivers in New Jersey can’t legally get on their own – GAS
  • World revolution? – ORBIT
  • Shrek’s beloved – FIONA
  • Cabin ___ (cooped-up restlessness) – FEVER
  • Hardly any – FEW


  • “Good ___!” (Charlie Brown catchphrase) – GRIEF
  • Superior to – ABOVE
  • Band of tissue connecting muscle and bone – SINEW
  • A little bit “not quite right” – OFF
  • Paving substance – TAR

Happy puzzling!