NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Friday, June 14

Love crossword puzzles but don’t have the luxury of time to tackle a full-sized grid? Enter The Mini! This bite-sized version of the New York Times’ famed crossword puzzle is perfect for a daily dose of wordplay without the time commitment. On average, players can breeze through The Mini in just over a minute. But don’t be fooled by its size—the challenge is still very real. A single tricky clue can be the difference between a record-breaking time and a frustrating fumble.

Just like we do for crosswords and Connections, we’re here to offer a helping hand with The Mini whenever you find yourself stuck.


NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today

Struggling with today’s clues? No problem—check out the answers below:


  1. Someone who might have a special line to the entrance – VIP
  2. Dial-up device – MODEM
  3. The “U” in UV – ULTRA
  4. Feature of a well-used apron, maybe – STAIN
  5. Bird on the dollar bill – EAGLE


  1. Physicist for whom an electrical measurement is named – VOLTA
  2. Dog collar attachment, for short – IDTAG
  3. Danger – PERIL
  4. Artist’s creative inspiration – MUSE
  5. Quite a head of hair – MANE

So, if you’re pressed for time but still want to get your crossword fix, The Mini is your go-to puzzle. And whenever you need a hint or the full solution, you know where to find us. Happy puzzling!