NYT Connections: hints and answers for Tuesday, June 25

Connections is the latest brain-teasing game from the New York Times. This puzzle challenges you to categorize a set of 16 words into four secret groups based on how they relate to each other. The game resets daily at midnight, offering a fresh challenge each day. Just like Wordle, Connections lets you track your winning streak and compare scores with friends.

Some days are trickier than others. If you’re struggling with today’s Connections puzzle, check out our hints and tips below. And if you still can’t crack it, we’ve got today’s answers at the very end.


How to play Connections

In Connections, you’re presented with a grid of 16 words. Your goal is to organize these words into four sets of four by identifying the common threads that link them. These sets can include themes like video game titles, book series sequels, shades of red, chain restaurant names, and more.

There are often words that could fit multiple themes, but there’s only one correct solution. You can shuffle and rearrange the grid to better spot the connections.

Each group is color-coded for difficulty: yellow is the easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple.

  1. Pick four words and hit Submit.
  2. If correct, the words are removed and the theme is revealed.
  3. Incorrect guesses count as mistakes, and you have four mistakes before the game ends.


Hints for today’s Connections

Need a nudge in the right direction? Here are the four themes for today’s puzzle, plus one word from each group to help you out.

Today’s themes

  1. Divulge, as private information
  2. Divide
  3. Silent “K”
  4. Key to success, so to speak

One-answer reveals

  1. Divulge, as private information – DISH
  2. Divide – BRANCH
  3. Silent “K” – DOORKNOB
  4. Key to success, so to speak – FORMULA


Today’s Connections answers

Still stumped? No worries, this game is meant to challenge you. Here are today’s Connections answers:

  1. Divulge, as private information – DISH, SPILL, TALK, TELL
  4. Key to success, so to speak – FORMULA, RECIPE, SECRET, TICKET

Connections grids change daily and vary widely in difficulty. If you couldn’t solve today’s puzzle, check back tomorrow for a new challenge.