GTA 6: Rumors swirl around potential early 2025 release

GTA 6’s rumored early 2025 release sparks excitement, fueled by insider hints and development progress. Official confirmation awaits Take-Two Interactive’s May 2024 earnings call.

Within the gaming community, anticipation has emerged surrounding the potential release of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) in early 2025. While Rockstar Games, the esteemed developer behind the legendary franchise, continues to maintain secrecy surrounding the official launch date, recent developments have ignited lively discussions and inspired a surge of fan theories, all contributing to a growing sense of excitement.

The catalyst for this speculation appears to be a combination of factors. Firstly, a report by reputable industry insider Jason Schreier suggested that GTA 6 is nearing the final stages of development, although a concrete release date remains elusive. This news, coupled with rumors circulating shortly after the game’s trailer debut, laid the groundwork for the current wave of speculation.


Further credence was lent to these rumors by Ben, an individual claiming insider knowledge and known online as @videotechuk_. On February 29, 2024, Ben offered commentary hinting that the possibility of an early 2025 release might hold some truth. However, Ben cautioned fans to exercise patience, emphasizing the need to wait until Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, holds its upcoming earnings call meeting in May 2024. This event is considered a potential turning point, as it may be during this call that the company unveils its official plans for the highly anticipated title.

The prospect of a potential early 2025 release has elicited mixed reactions from the gaming community. Some fans have expressed fervent optimism, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to finally experience the latest installment in the beloved series. Others, however, remain cautious, harboring concerns about potential delays that could push the release beyond the speculated timeframe. Additionally, a sense of skepticism lingers among some, stemming from past statements made by Take-Two Interactive regarding their commitment to thorough optimization before releasing the game.

As the wait for GTA 6 continues, the gaming community finds itself navigating a period of suspense and anticipation. While the May 2024 earnings call holds the potential to provide much-needed clarity and potentially confirm the rumored release window, fans are left to speculate and manage their expectations until official information is revealed.