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Essential Tech for Digital Gaming

The ever-evolving world of gaming has seen digital gaming become a dominant force. Gaming enthusiasts now have a multitude of ways to enjoy increasingly expanding libraries of titles and seamless, immersive gaming experiences. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the digital gaming landscape, you’ll need the right tech that can handle the demands of 21st-century video games. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the essential tech that will elevate your digital gaming adventures. Whether diving into the exciting world of massively multiplayer online battle arena games, looking to play LuckyLand Slots for some iGaming fun, or simply wanting to lose yourself in an open-world RPG, read on to discover what you need for your gaming setup.


High-Speed Internet Connection 

When you’re playing online for several hours a day, only a stable, high-speed internet connection will suffice. Any games that include online gameplay need a strong, consistent internet connection to ensure lag is kept to a minimum. Always aim for a broadband connection with low ping and high upload/download speeds, and consider using a wired Ethernet connection for optimal stability. 

You can take things a step further by investing in a gaming router. Gaming routers offer advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features, which allow you to prioritise gaming traffic over other activities on your network, reducing lag and latency during those crucial moments. 

A High-Performance Gaming PC

While cloud gaming is pretty much accessible on virtually any connected device, and the latest generation of consoles have significantly upped their game, when it comes to authentic digital gaming experiences, only a PC will do. And not just any old PC at that; a high-performance desktop is crucial if you want to unlock the full potential of immersive digital gaming.

Invest in a gaming rig with a powerful multi-core processor, ample RAM, and a top-tier graphics card — the latest range of GPUs with ray tracing support can dramatically enhance in-game visuals and make digital gaming even more immersive. NVIDIA’s RTX series and AMD’s RDNA2 GPUs are designed to deliver stunning visuals and realistic lighting effects, adding an extra layer of visual fidelity to your gaming experience. 

Ultra-Wide Monitor

If you love the idea of being swallowed up by a video game, you can’t get better than playing on an ultra-wide monitor. Save the TV for your favourite films or box sets, and ditch your budget desktop monitor for homeworking. When it comes to gaming, it makes sense to invest in the best high-resolution ultra-wide you can afford.

Traditional PC monitors only offer a 60Hz refresh rate, displays, but displays designed for gaming start at 144Hz and go up to 240Hz and higher. The higher the monitor’s refresh rate, the smoother your gaming experience will be, thanks to reduced motion blur and a highly responsive feel. One of the biggest trends in gaming monitors right now is Adaptic Sync technology, such as AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync, both of which deliver tear and stutter-free visuals. 

Tailored Peripherals

It’s a poor craftsperson who blames their tools, but there is something to be said for using tailored peripherals when playing digital games. Keyboards with mechanical switches can provide lighting-fast actuation, while ergonomic mice with high DPI settings can be adjusted on the fly to suit your gaming style. Finally, crystal-clear audio is a must for digital gaming, especially in online multiplayer, where communication is key, so look for headsets with noise-cancelling microphones and surround sound features. 

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