Battlegrounds Mobile India to be available for iOS users soon, Details here

Battlegrounds Mobile India reaches 48 million downloads, according to a post on Instagram by Krafton.

The much-anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app may be released shortly. Krafton has teased the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app, as well as a slew of incentives for the battle royale’s nearing 50 million Android downloads. When Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted earlier this year, it was only available for Android handsets, leaving Apple users disappointed. There was no word on when the iOS version of the game will be available, but due to Krafton’s teaser, it is now likely to be available shortly.

On July 2, Battlegrounds Mobile India was officially released in the nation. In June of this year, a small group of software developers were given access to the initial version of the game, and within a few weeks, Battlegrounds Mobile India had surpassed 10 million installations. Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is currently exclusively accessible on the Google Play Store, is approaching the 50 million download threshold, and Krafton has some special incentives planned to commemorate the achievement.

Players will get three Supply Coupon Crate Scrap and three Classic Coupon Crate Scrap if Battlegrounds Mobile India reaches 48 million and 49 million downloads, respectively, according to a post on Instagram by Krafton. Players will receive a perpetual Galaxy Messenger Set after the game reaches 50 million downloads. When these milestones are reached, all of these goodies will be unlocked in the in-game event centre.
Krafton also teased the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app in the same tweet. According to the firm, it is striving to make the prizes available to all gamers, regardless of platform.

Season 20 of Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming to an end, and we can only hope that the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app will be released before Season 21 begins. Despite not having been released on the iOS platform yet, the Indian counterpart to PUBG Mobile has been a huge hit so far. The firm stated that the iOS app was on its way and that it was only a matter of how long.

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