Battlefield 2042 receives update 1.49, bringing new content and improvements

Battlefield 2042 receives “Arkangel Directive” event, improved server management, and various bug fixes in Update 1.49.

Electronic Arts and DICE recently released Update 1.49 for their online shooter, Battlefield 2042. This update, available across all platforms, introduces a new game mode, improved server management in Battlefield Portal, and various bug fixes and gameplay enhancements.

The most significant addition is the “Arkangel Directive” event, introducing a new 24-player versus 24-player mode called “Control.” In Control, players fight over rotating objectives to upload tactical data via the Ascension satellite network. The team that gathers the most data gains control of the region and earns Ascension Points, which can be used to purchase vehicles and gain an edge in the battle. Control is currently available on four maps: Reclaimed, Orbital, Valparaiso, and Arica Harbor. Two additional maps, Breakaway and Discarded, will be added in Update 6.4.


For players who enjoy creating custom experiences in Battlefield Portal, Update 1.49 improves server persistence. During the off-season between seasons, custom experiences will now benefit from two-day server persistence, allowing players to continue their progress on custom servers even after they shut down. This feature is further extended to seven days during active seasons for players who own the game’s Battle Pass.

The update also addresses various gameplay issues reported by players. Improvements have been made to the Aircraft Gunner Directional HUD, offering players more clarity on the direction their gunner is facing. Players can now choose between several options for displaying the HUD, including a new “Legacy” setting that replicates the previous functionality. Additionally, helicopter pilots can now select the shape and color of their Impact Point Crosshair, allowing for increased customization.

Beyond the aforementioned features, Update 1.49 implements a variety of bug fixes and gameplay adjustments. These include resolving a blackscreen issue in Breakthrough mode, improving player color display, addressing weapon selection bugs, and correcting inconsistencies in text descriptions for certain items like Medical Pouches. Vehicle-related fixes include adding legacy options for the gunner HUD and impact point crosshair on air vehicles, allowing players accustomed to previous settings to maintain familiarity. Additionally, missing vehicle icons have been updated, and a bug affecting the Gunner Camera on Stealth Helicopters has been addressed.

In conclusion, Battlefield 2042 Update 1.49 offers players a new game mode, improved server management options, and various bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. These changes aim to enrich the overall player experience and address reported issues.