Apex Legends Season 20 “Breakout” prepares for global takeoff

Apex Legends Season 20 launches globally on February 13th with revamped crafting, new Legend upgrades, and exciting Battle Pass rewards.

Anticipation has reached a fever pitch among players eager to delve into the plethora of fresh content promised by Respawn Entertainment. With just a few hours remaining until the servers ignite, let’s dissect the exact release timings across the globe and explore the highlights waiting to be discovered. Here is the release date and time across different time zones:

North America, U.S.


  • Pacific Time Zone (PDT) – 10 am on February 13
  • Mountain Time Zone (MDT) – 11am on February 13
  • Central Time Zone (CDT) – noon on February 13
  • Eastern Time Zone (EDT) – 1 pm on February 1

South America

  • Brasilia Time (BRT) – 2pm on February 13

Europe and UK

  • British Summer Time (BST) – 6 pm on February 13
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST) – 7 pm on February 13


  • Malaysia Time (MYT) – 1 am on February 14
  • Singapore Time – 4 am on February 14
  • India Standard Time – 10:30 pm on February 13


  • Japan Standard Time (JST) – 2 am on February 13

Australia and New Zealand

  • Australian Eastern Time (AET) – 3 am on February 13
  • New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) – 5 am on February 13

Beyond the technical concerns, the real draw lies in the treasure trove of content waiting to be unearthed. Season 20 introduces a complete overhaul of the crafting system, streamlining it with “Crafting 2.0.” Replicators are now free to use and offer a curated selection of essentials like shields, medkits, ammo, and banners.

But that’s not all. A brand new in-match progression system called “Legend Upgrades” injects strategic depth into the gameplay. Legends can now earn EVO points through various actions, unlocking unique ability enhancements at specific tiers. This dynamic system promises to revolutionize how players approach each match, fostering greater experimentation and adaptation.

Of course, no Apex season is complete without a stunning Battle Pass, and Season 20 doesn’t disappoint. Players can snag the reactive Flatline skin recolour from Season 4, alongside an entirely new Battle Pass brimming with rewards. Moreover, an anniversary collection event adds to the festivities, showering players with free goodies.

As the clock ticks down towards launch, the collective pulse of the Apex Legends community quickens. With a revamped crafting system, dynamic Legend upgrades, and Season 20 “Breakout” promises to be a game-changer, revitalizing the experience for veteran players and newcomers alike.