iPhone 15: Check out leaked features and everything we know so far


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the analyst from TF international security has a few contacts with Apple. As the predictions aren’t 100 per cent true always. The information he gave to dnpindia.in on the next iPhone 15 will not be presented with an 8P or 8-element lens. It will be released with a 7P or 7-element lens very much like iPhone 14 pro with a camera that will be better resolution quality features.

Apple iPhone 14 Description

With the new release of the iPhone 14 series, the sales of apple are enjoying great success and going out of stock in some places the phone is likewise cherished by practically all its users and Apple is a company that is extending its users rapidly and has zero desire to stop. The constant arrival of their item whether it’s their new mobile or the software of their devices not disappointing by any means.

iPhone 15 leaks

As we probably are aware the camera difference between iPhone 13 pro max and iPhone 14 pro isn’t that noticeable yet can be seen on the off chance that we notice it closely and with the camera clear and more stable while capturing video. In iPhone 14 pro max 7-element or 7P lens is used which is the best camera of the iPhone till take and it is rumored that the same 7P or 7-element camera will be utilized in the next iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro max will have a far better camera. And the battery backup will also be increased.