Beyerdynamic launches its first open-ear earbuds

Beyerdynamic, known for its premium wired headphones, has entered the realm of open-ear earbuds with the launch of Verio 200, catering to the growing trend of wireless audio accessibility. Priced at $220, these earbuds offer a unique proposition: allowing users to enjoy music, calls, or podcasts while staying fully aware of their surroundings.

Key to the Verio 200’s performance is its 16.22mm custom-designed graphene neodymium driver, promising precise sound reproduction and robust bass without compromising on sound leakage. This feature caters to both audiophiles seeking fidelity and everyday users needing practicality.


Enhancing user control over audio, Beyerdynamic accompanies the Verio 200 with a revamped app featuring a five-band equalizer. This addition is a welcome improvement, addressing feedback from earlier models like the Free Byrd, where a manual EQ was sought after.

For Android users, the Verio 200 supports the aptX Adaptive codec, alongside standard SBC and AAC codecs for broader compatibility with devices like iPhones. Bluetooth 5.3 ensures robust connectivity, enabling simultaneous pairing with two devices through Bluetooth Multipoint, though support for LE Audio or Auracast remains unconfirmed.

In terms of usability, the earbuds incorporate two integrated microphones optimized for clear speech transmission, bolstered by ambient noise detection and filtering. Android users additionally benefit from aptX Voice technology, potentially enhancing call quality even further.

Battery life is respectable with up to 8 hours of playback per charge, complemented by an additional 27 hours from the charging case, totaling 35 hours before needing a recharge. Quick Charge functionality provides 60 minutes of listening time with just a 10-minute charge, ideal for users on the go.

Moreover, the Verio 200 boasts an IP54 rating, ensuring resistance to water and dust, making them suitable for workouts or outdoor use with protection against sweat and rain.

With these features, Beyerdynamic positions the Verio 200 as a versatile option in the competitive landscape of open-ear earbuds, blending audio quality, practical design, and advanced connectivity to meet the needs of modern consumers.