Every new iMessage feature coming to your iPhone in iOS 18

During Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 keynote, the tech giant pulled back the curtain on iOS 18, showcasing a treasure trove of new features. The star of the show? A significant overhaul of the Messages app.

The Messages app, a staple of the iPhone since its 2007 debut, is getting a transformative upgrade with iOS 18. This app, the home of your iMessages and SMS texts with Android users, is about to get a lot more exciting. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.


Every new iMessage feature coming to your iPhone in iOS 18

Scheduled Messages

One of iOS 18’s crown jewels is the ability to schedule messages—a feature previously exclusive to the Mail app. Imagine the power of sending messages at just the right moment: no more midnight disturbances or awkward time zone mix-ups. Schedule your texts for optimal impact, whether it’s a gentle nudge to your guests the day before your big party or a heartfelt birthday wish timed to perfection.

But wait, there’s more! Scheduling messages means you can draft, review, and refine your words, ensuring your message is pitch-perfect before it reaches your recipient. Flexibility at its finest—you can edit or delete scheduled messages anytime before they’re sent.

New Text Formatting Options

Apple has been on a mission to make texting more fun, and iOS 18 cranks creativity up to eleven. Bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough your words, or go wild with animated effects that make your text pop—literally! Think big, small, exploding, or nodding text, adding flair to your conversations.

Even better, iOS 18 offers smart recommendations for which effects to use based on your message content. And all these nifty features are housed in a sleek new menu, making it a breeze to spice up your texts.

Tapback is Better Than Ever

Tapbacks have always been a quick way to react, but they’ve been a bit… limited. Enter iOS 18, where Tapbacks are supercharged. Now, you can respond with any emoji or sticker, including custom Live Stickers crafted from your photos and favorite packs. The app even tracks your favorite Tapbacks for easy access.


Messages with Satellite

Ever tried to send a message with no Wi-Fi or cellular connection? It’s a digital dead end. Not anymore! iOS 18 harnesses the power of satellite capabilities (for iPhone 14 and later) to keep you connected anywhere. You’ll enjoy all the essential iMessage features, encrypted end-to-end, even off the grid.

This nifty feature piggybacks on Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite service, and you’ll get two years of satellite messaging for free with your new iPhone.

RCS Messaging Support

Finally, the messaging gap between iPhone and Android users is closing. iOS 18 brings RCS messaging support, a long-awaited upgrade over SMS. Say hello to typing indicators, read receipts, high-res media sharing, and enhanced group chats. Your chats with Android users will still be green but infinitely richer.


Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence, the company’s take on AI, is set to revolutionize the Messages app with iOS 18. While not all devices will access it initially, and some features may be delayed, the potential is immense. Imagine AI suggesting text based on your conversation history or generating custom images (Genmoji) from your descriptions or photos.

The new Image Playground app will let users tweak images with various styles and ideas, ready to be shared in Messages or beyond.

The Messages app’s transformation in iOS 18 is just the beginning. Expect these features on iPadOS 18 and macOS 15 Sequoia, with most rolling out in early fall and the rest, particularly those powered by Apple Intelligence, arriving later in the year.

Get ready to experience messaging like never before!