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The scope of cybersecurity professionals in 2022


Everything is going digital and with everything going online, cybersecurity has become all the more important. Along with the growing importance, the scope of the cybersecurity profession is also growing all across the globe. Currently, cyber security jobs are less but their importance is growing with each passing day. The demand is high and the cyber security professionals are running short, therefore, the scope of cybersecurity professionals is high. According to a NASSCOM report, the demand for cyber security roles between January 2017 to March 2018, increased by 150%. Big companies like KPMG have doubled the size of cyber security jobs in recent years due to the growing importance of the requirement of cybersecurity. 

Growing Career Opportunity Of Cyber Security 

In the global business environment, the demand for cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Businesses across the globe are shifting to newer technology like online management and cloud data storage. There is a commercial exposure to cybersecurity and this has resulted in growing career opportunities for cybersecurity. The growth of cybersecurity can be attributed to the shift towards the technological landscape and the loopholes that are there in the technological landscape like sending phishing links, hacking, IP address tracking, the latter which can be resolved by finding out What Is My IP followed with measures needed to hide it. Even though the career opportunity of cyber security is huge, the number of qualified candidates for the same is very low. 


What Is The Scope Of Cyber Security In 2022?

The scope of cyber security in 2022 can be estimated from the data provided by the Data Security Council of India. According to their report, in 2020, the number of cyber security business professionals will be almost 2 lakh. This figure was approximately 1.10 lakh in 2019. This alone can give an idea about how rapidly the demand for cyber security is increasing. It is projected that by 2025, the number of people employed in the market of cybersecurity will be approximately 10 lakh. The rising demand for cybersecurity has come from the need of rising demand for digital transactions and payments and the need of securing these platforms. 

What Are The Different Cyber Security Jobs In India?


There are plenty of cybersecurity jobs in India and the ones that are most popular are Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Architect, Cybersecurity Manager and Chief Information Security Officer. The Network Security Engineer ensures that the security system in the organization is ready to stop threats and in addition to that, they also need to work in maintaining the systems, identifying vulnerability and maintenance of routers, firewalls and switches. 

The cybersecurity analysts plan, implement and upgrade the security measures and controls. Also, they monitor the security access and perform security audits to ensure that there are no security loopholes. They also conduct vulnerability tests and security assessments to ensure that cybersecurity is in the working phase. A security architect designs the network and computers of the security architecture of the company by planning, researching and then ultimately designing the different elements of security. A security architect often works with a programming team to build the final security structure.

A cyber security manager works towards maintaining the security protocol’s across the organizations by creating strategies to improve the internet and network security. In addition to that, they also review the security policies to ensure that they work towards newer threats. Chief Information Security Officer is another promising cybersecurity job. 80% of the companies now have a Chief Information Security Officer that works towards aligning the cybersecurity plan along with the vision of the business. They also ensure that the security breaches in the company are nil and ensure that the security policies are implemented properly across the organizations.

It is estimated that the world will have to bear a cost of $10.5 trillion because of cybercrime by 2025. In 2021, the cost that the world paid was close to $6 trillion. Such a threat will keep on generating new jobs each year to ensure that cybersecurity is taken care of. In 2018, the popularity of cybersecurity jobs was such that it had a zero percent unemployment rate in cybersecurity. According to the current scenario, the career opportunities are limitless for the cybersecurity space and with a proper degree, the scope for this stream is huge.