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Mobile casino cybersecurity priorities in 2023


As millions access casino websites using a mobile device in the UK, the need for enhanced cybersecurity is on the rise. Many challenges are faced by operators to create the most secure environment for those that place real money bets. Based on rules set forth by the UK Gambling Commission, all gambling operators with a UK licence are expected to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Aside from offering the best levels of protection, operators also take steps to prevent account hacking, which is one of the main risks when it comes to casino cyber-attacks.

More than 75% of cyber-attacks target online betting websites, including casinos and sportsbooks. This alarming number is a cause for concern, not only for individual gamblers but for operators who must meet strict guidelines to provide a secure environment. If a website has any vulnerability, it will be found by hackers. Personal details will be at risk along with payment information. Any casino operator in the EU is required to adhere to GDPR regulations which required sites to disclose data breaches as soon as they are detected.

To crack down on hacking and to continue providing customers with a secure way to wager using a mobile device, operators are making use of tech security companies to be watchdogs for the sites. One leading company in the UK is SecurityGen, which is an award-winning provider of security solutions. The provider has announced the main priorities for mobile operators which will help lower the number of threats in 2023.

Main Cybersecurity Factors

As 5G technology becomes more used, the number of cyber threats will increase and there are various factors that need to be considered. Operators have to be aware of the different possible threats and take steps to protect networks, customers, and operations. 5G is an amazing network generation that was designed for flexibility and integration with various external systems. While this is a positive thing, it also opens many doors for hackers, making 5G more vulnerable to threats and attacks. The goal is for operators to take full advantage of 5G functionality while recognising vulnerabilities.

With more users having 5G networks available, the roaming traffic increases. This typically goes through non-standalone networks that use technology that is not secure. Not having the proper measures in place makes gamblers using a 5G mobile device at high risk for attacks and account hacking.

While national regulators are working with the telecom industry to implement new security requirements, the risk remains in place. These new requirements focus on the increased threats to digital infrastructure. Unfortunately, mobile network security still makes use of older techniques that leave areas of the network exposed.

Another issue that is being faced is the lack of skilled workers. The telecom industry is always changing and requires experts that can meet new requirements and ensure customer safety. New training in initiatives is required and workers must be trained on the latest technology to battle cyber-attacks. Casino operators that have security teams must ensure that all team members are trained and ready to take action against any threats of breaches immediately.

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