Cognizant Data Leak: Credit card information, personal data of some employees leaked

Due to ransomware attack, corporate credit card information, personal data of major IT company Cognizant employees leaked. This attack was from Maze ransomware.

Cognizant in a mail to employees said, “A limited amount of personal data (of associates) was compromised before the attack was contained on May 1. Vast majority of the information consisted of names and account numbers (and no other personal information) from some American Express cards.”

The IT major is expected to face loss of $50-$70 million in its revenue of the current quarter. The company told all its employees with corporate credit cards will be given access to credit card monitoring, dark web monitoring and restoration services for free. There are a few employees whose personal data has been compromised as well.

Becky Schmitt, chief public officer at Cognizant sent an email to the employees stating, “Out of an abundance of caution, we are giving notice to all associates who have an active corporate credit card.”

“The small number of associates who have had other kinds of personal information exposed will be notified directly by June 24, 2020, and will also receive complimentary identify theft protection,” the company reportedly said.

In this ransomware attack information like tax IDs, social security numbers, passport data, driver’s licence information, etc has been compromised.

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