Spotify will soon give you a mini version of Wrapped all year round

Are you itching for your Spotify Wrapped to drop, even though we’re still six months away from the end of 2024? Well, you can relax because Spotify is about to deliver Wrapped-style insights all year round.

The music streaming giant is rolling out a new feature called ‘My Spotify’ for the app’s homepage, aiming to offer personalized banners and messages that reveal your listening habits. It’s like having a real-time Wrapped at your fingertips.


Spotify has revealed that My Spotify will merge features like its AI DJ, Daylist, Blend playlist, and the ‘Made For You’ playlist into a “one-stop shop full of personalized playlists, podcasts, features, and recommendations for each and every listener.”

How effective My Spotify will be at introducing fresh tunes based on your preferences remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a new layer of customization for the platform.

Now, there’s a small hitch: My Spotify is in limited rollout for now. The good news is it will be available to all users, not just those with a Spotify Premium subscription. Speaking of which, Premium has seen a price hike of $1 / £1 per month with no additional perks—such is the way of the world.

In other Spotify news, the service might soon let you chat with friends during group listening sessions. According to some sleuthing by Android Authority, code strings in the Spotify app suggest a new chat function, dubbed “campfire chats,” could be in the works.

Currently, Spotify Premium’s Jam feature lets a group listen to the same playlist and add songs, but lacks an in-app chat function. People typically have to switch to another messaging service to debate whether Dua Lipa belongs on their ‘big tunes to head-bang to’ playlist.

While the discovered code isn’t a guarantee that the chat feature will become official, it hints that Spotify is experimenting with it. A chat function alongside Jam mode makes perfect sense.

On a slightly puzzling note, there’s talk of a $5 add-on for Spotify Premium to introduce a HiFi feature. This potential upgrade, separate from the recent price hikes, promises better audio quality. However, other services offer hi-res and lossless tiers without extra fees, making one wonder if Spotify’s value holds up, especially when Apple Music offers more in terms of resolution without raising prices.

So, stay tuned for these new features and get ready for some sweet deals, deeper discounts, and possibly even better sound quality—if you’re willing to pay a bit more, that is.