Marvans Mobile: Here’s how Wahid Badami succeeded in his Business venture

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so is true in exemplary case of Mr. Wahid Badami, owner of an electronics outlet Brand “Marvans Mobile” based out of Vadodara, Gujarat. A self made entrepreneur, Mr. Wahid started with nothing, and grew the business into a thriving operation, making it the favorite store for all things Apple – in, and around the city.

Scaling any business is not a small feat, especially in the highly competitive retail electronics category. Here is an account to cover and understand how he has grown and sustained his business.


The idea for the business originated around 2012. He has always been a fan of Apple products, and has had a deep fascination with the company. Their amazing quality, and design is something which made the brand stick out for him, and garnered a massive following among the buyers. The only problem which he, like most people, had was the issue of availability and affordability.

He decided to change that and opened up Marvans mobile’s first retail outlet in 2013, with the intention of making iPhones more available and affordable to all.

7 years later, he’s a proud owner of 3 stores across the city, over 70,000 followers on our social media, and is everyone’s first stop for all things apple.

Many brick and mortar stores have their operations running successfully on the ground, but very few achieve a following and fame on social media to the tune of Marvans Mobile. Talking about 70,000 followers on social media, Marvans Mobile had a number more than half to the current stats. Marvans Mobile had over 150,000 followers until a few months back, when their main IG page got shut down because of a cyber attack by a competitor. Thanks to the proactive actions taken by Cyber Cell and police, the people behind it were tracked and put behind bars. But the IG account could not be recovered. Mr. Wahid lost his store’s instagram account and all followers.

Yet, Marvans Mobile’s new IG handle got 70,000 followers in a span of a few months. This reaffirmed the belief of customers, and served as a solid testament to his brand’s popularity, loyalty, & following. Mr. Wahid points out that a few things that helped him a lot have been – being open to new ideas, and understanding 2 key things: Impact of digital marketing and the importance of client servicing, and as it turns out, Mr. Wahid has been focussed on these 2 factors since their beginning. And this is what has helped them grow to this extent..

Mr. Wahid is personally interested and realizes the power of digital marketing. He has been focussing on digital media and marketing since the very beginning and over the past few years, shifted all his marketing efforts from traditional media to digital media. He started off by outsourcing social media marketing and management to agencies & ended up working with over 4 different agencies because of multiple issues. This helped him understand the “social game” a lot better, and to be open to new things & challenges.

At the end, he ended up hiring and setting up his own team of designers and strategists, and bringing the whole marketing in-house. This not only helped him fasten up his speed, but also gave him more freedom to try out experimental ideas more quickly. Marvans Mobile is among very few businesses in India who used Snapchat’s Ad network in the country, probably the only one in Baroda. Mr. Wahid recalls that it has been a rewarding journey and a learning experience.

Marvans Mobile’s next steps on a digital transformation are paved with establishing a complete digital store. The brand has recently launched their online store and have had an amazing response without any substantial full-fledged launch. Mr. Wahid reports to have been getting a lot of orders, and even more inquiries. Marvan Mobile’s focus now is to grow that channel, and deliver their services across the country.

Mr. Wahid shares his takeaways and major learnings from his experience: 

– Focus on quantity as much as quality.

– Leverage influencers and personal Network to increase your reach

– Post content that your users will like to engage and share with.

– Keep trying new things.