F1: Nelson Piquet apologizes to Lewis Hamilton

7-time World champion Lewis Hamilton was subjected to a racial slur made by former 3-time World champion Nelson Piquet.


The 3-time World Champion Nelson Piquet has made his apology to Lewis Hamilton following the racist remarks he had made to him. He had commented in an old interview where it was seen that he was talking about the details of the crash that happened between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the 2021 Silverstone GP.

Nelson Piquet is the father of Kelly Piquet who is Max Verstappen’s partner right now. Even though Piquet has apologized, he has told that he’s being falsely accused and he did not mean to disrespect the British driver in any sort of way.

Nelson Piquet who was the Formula 1 drivers champion in 1981, 1983 and 1987 claims that the slang he used did not have any racist intent and in Brazil, it is used to refer to someone like a guy or a man. The FIA, Mercedes F1 team and other Formula 1 teams have condemned Piquet on their social media handles.

Lewis Hamilton immediately took to Twitter and said that such mindsets have to change and he has been subjected to such things all his life. He also mentioned that it’s time for necessary actions to be taken against such claims. But Nelson Piquet still strongly stands on his ground by saying that he had no racist intent and he did not want to disrespect any driver and especially Lewis based on his colour.

It has also been reported that Nelson Piquet has been banned from the Formula 1 paddock and he will not be allowed shortly.