Charles Leclerc praises Ferrari’s consistency and successful one-stop strategy

Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari driver, has expressed his admiration for the consistent performance of his SF-23 car, which played a pivotal role in executing a successful one-stop strategy for the team.

Following a disappointing qualifying session, Leclerc managed to make an impressive recovery and finish in fourth place. Ferrari capitalized on an early Safety Car period, opting to keep both drivers out on a one-stop strategy.


This strategic decision allowed them to establish a significant gap over their midfield rivals, who had opted for a two-stop strategy. The only other drivers adopting a one-stop approach were Alex Albon and Valtteri Bottas.

In recent races, Ferrari has faced challenges with tire wear, making it their primary weakness. However, Leclerc attributed their ability to make an aggressive strategy work to the competitiveness displayed by the SF-23 car during Friday’s practice sessions, where they showcased strong performance on all tire compounds.

Reflecting on the race, Leclerc expressed his satisfaction, considering the starting position they had to overcome: “I think it is the best we could have done today.” He further highlighted the confirmation of the positive feeling he had during the race simulations on Friday.

Leclerc emphasized Ferrari’s competitiveness on different tire compounds, whether it was the Medium or the Hard. This versatility in performance allowed them to effectively execute their one-stop strategy and achieve a commendable result.

The consistent and reliable performance of the SF-23 car, combined with Ferrari’s strategic decision-making, played a crucial role in Leclerc’s impressive recovery and solid finish. As the season progresses, Leclerc and the Ferrari team will look to build on this success and continue to maximize their car’s potential.