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Dry shampoo causing cancer, new study reveals

Dry shampoo revealed to be carcinogenic in new study.

Recently, the product, dry shampoo, has been gaining quite popularity among the women as a way of refreshing hair without having to wash it.

And I mean, why shouldn’t it be right? A product coming for our rescue during times when we need to attend an event or just visit someone while having no time to wash our hair.

But, along with this innovative product, comes concerns regarding our health as some studies suggest that there might be a potential link between the use of dry shampoo and an increased risk of cancer.

While research is still going on by the scientific community over these claims, as consumers, it is better to stay cautious than be sorry later. It is also important to have knowledge about the ingredients in products that we, consumers chose to use.

Dry shampoo contains ingredients like starches, clays, and solvents which are designed to absorb excess oil from the scalp and provide a clean look to hair without having to wash them. But, recent studies have raised questions over the ingredients used in these products and if they are really safe to use.

According to the studies, the potential risk lies over the use of certain chemicals like talc and some synthetic fragrances which are mainly used in dry shampoos. These chemicals are said to disrupt hormonal balance.

Let me give you an example. Ok so talc has been said to cause ovarian cancer when used in feminine hygiene products, and even though the area of application is different in dry shampoos, the prolonged and frequent exposure to these chemicals still remains a subject of concern.

These concerns are said to be taken seriously by the scientists and regulatory bodies. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health agencies worldwide are said to be reviewing available research to see if there is a link between dry shampoo and cancer.

Still, it’s our duty as a consumer to be cautious about this and be aware of the products and the ingredients in them available in the market. Who knows, what other products might have harmful ingredients than can threaten our health.