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PM Modi to address a webinar today on Budget 22-23 impact on education sector

“At 11 a.m. today, I will address a webinar on how this year’s Union Budget will have a positive impact on the education sector,” PM tweeted.

On Monday, February 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak at a webinar hosted by the Ministry of Education about the implementation of the Union Budget 2022-23.

The webinar will feature sessions on various relevant topics with participation from government officials from various ministries and state governments, industry representatives, skill development organisations, educationists, students, and other experts. According to an official statement, the goal of the webinar is to brainstorm with experts from the public and private sectors, academia, and industry to identify strategies for moving forward with the implementation of various issues across sectors.

Under the identified themes, seven parallel breakout sessions will be held. The participating teams will identify action points, broad strategies, and timelines for implementation in accordance with the principles of ease of education and a focus on harnessing employment opportunities.

The following topics have been identified for the webinar:


  1. The Digital University: Making World-Class Higher Education Available to Everyone
  2. The Digital Teacher: Developing High-Quality E-Content and Virtual Labs for Inclusivity, Improved Learning Outcomes, and Skill Development
  3. Extending the Reach of One Class One Channel: Delivering Quality Digital Education to the Most Remote Locations
  4. Knowledge of India-Specific Urban Planning and Design
  5. Towards a Stronger Industry-Skill Connection
  6. GIFT City Educational Institutions Development
  7. In AVGC, the industry-skill link is being strengthened.


This year’s Union Budget announced the creation of a new Digital University to provide students across the country with access to world-class quality universal education with personalized learning experiences right at their doorsteps. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also announced the establishment of 750 virtual labs in Science and Mathematics to foster critical thinking skills.