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New MP guidelines says students with criminal charges won’t get admission to universities or colleges

Students with criminal cases will not be allowed to take admission to educational institutions. Will these rules also create a conflict between the two constitutional rights?

Before doing any official thing, police verification is necessary. Police verification gives an idea of whether an individual is a criminal or not. The admission process will begin on August 1 and by the upcoming event, Madhya Pradesh’s higher education department has released rules blocking students with illegal charges from getting entries into educational institutions.

According to predictions, 1.17 million students will apply for admissions to higher establishments. If students submit the declarations of no pending cases against them, then only, they will get a chance to compete for seats. Colleges have got instructions about taking on the undertaking of students. If students offend teachers or administrative staff then too they will be thrown out of the institution.

On July 15, a new rule book for admissions was circulated in colleges. 48 pages have been utilised for establishing new processes and regulations. Students Federation of India’s State Secretary, Ajay Tiwari said, “First they banned direct student union elections and now this rule is to stop students from participating in the protests against the government.” Tiwari further mentioned that many students across the state were a part of protest against inflation, three farm laws, and corruption.

Students wing of RSS and ABVP called the rules to be bizarre and can’t create leaders. State secretary of ABVP said, “This will definitely end student politics and is against one’s right to education.”

Former HC judge AK Gohil called the rules to be discriminatory. He suggested that the colleges could give “provisional or conditional admission” to such students and if they are proved guilty, their admission should be cancelled.